Maths can be a source of huge stress for some parents, particularly as children progress into the higher key stages. But even in the Foundation stage, I am finding that I have forgotten things. I'm sure I was once taught the name of a seven sided shape, but it has slipped through the net since I left school.

I was also so focused on numbers that, when Garden Girl started school, I had forgotten things like weights, shapes and patterns were part of mathematics. I thought my daughter wasn't really doing any maths in school and then I realised she was learning the names of shapes I had long forgotten. Knowing what my children are learning at school has helped me to support them at home and I try to back up what they learn at school when they are playing at home. 

Encouraging young children to do maths can also be a challenge for some parents so I hope that some of the tips for making maths fun will be useful. Garden Dad is likely to contribute a few posts to this section, as he has an understanding and enjoyment of mathematics which, in all honesty, evades me, but neither he nor I have any teaching qualifications. The tips we post here are things we have found useful as parents but we might not always get it right so if you spot a mistake, let us know. To view all our post on mathematics follow the Numeracy link on the right hand side, under the heading 'Focus On...' And if you have any tips you want to share please leave a comment on one of my posts or e-mail me at