When my youngest, Garden Lass, started to ask the question Why? I knew I was in trouble. I already had two children asking me questions I didn't know the answer to, or perhaps, knew the answer to but was unable to explain in a simple way. So many of my explanations are met with a moments consideration, then another 'Why?' as the answer I give throws open more questions. Now I have a third curious mind questioning the world around her and offering up more puzzles for me to solve.

However, at least I am now wise to the phrase, 'Thats a great question. Lets look it up together.'

If you don't know the answer, or are uncertain if the answer you have is correct, this is very best thing to say and my little ones all enjoy looking up information with me. We will either look on the internet or save the question for our next trip to the library when we will look for books that centre around that subject. The hardest thing is trying to find a way of explaining complicated answers in a way which my children will understand.

The 'Why?' posts on this blog are all questions I have been asked by my three little ones, with the answers I gave them, phrased in a way which I hope was simple for them to understand. I have also tried to put links to websites, or suggest book titles, which might provide a more in depth look at the subject area. If you want to browse through all the Why? posts, just follow the link under the 'Focus On...' heading on the right hand side. And, as ever, if you have any hints, tips or knowledge you would like to share about the subjects we cover please leave a comment on the relevant post or e-mail me at thingsiforgot@yahoo.co.uk